Herkimer County, New York

The Town of Newport is located 13 miles north of Herkimer and 95 miles northwest of Albany, bounded to the north by the Towns of Russia, to the east by Fairfield and Norway, to the South by Herkimer and Schuyler, and to the west by Oneida County.  The Township was settled in 1791 by Christopher Hawkins of Rhode Island on land purchased in July, 1786 by Daniel Campbell of New York City and William, Ephraim and Benjamin Bowen in 1788 and 1789.  It w as formed on April 7, 1806 from parts of Herkimer, Fairfield, Norway and Schuyler.  At the first Town meeting, held on March 3, 1807, Christopher Hawkins was elected Supervisor. Click HERE for more interesting information about our Town!
The Town of Newport Planning & Special Committee will meet at the Town Offices on June 29th at 7 PM Re: Updated Zoning Book

Town Map

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